Mad Steintist Web Design has a wide range of services to offer its clients in order to deliver the most comprehensive final product possible.  To that end, our services are detailed below.

Initial Consultation & Communication
The initial consultation and subsequent communication between Mad Steintist Web Design and the client is the key to our success, and eventually the client's as well with a website that will exceed all their needs and expectations.  Either conducted via telephone or in person, the initial consultation is the single most important part of the website development project.  We will listen to everything a client has to say in order to get as clear a picture of what they want, and then go through a "Q&A" process to flesh out the specifics and make suggestions in order to define the project.  The initial consultation and all subsequent communication are always done free of charge.

Website Design Process
Obviously one of the major tasks of any website development project is the actual design of the website itself.  Once the development process has started, the client will be able to view the progress of the design either on a secure area of this website, or on a private section of the web server chosen by the client for the final product.  This is done to further facilitate communication between us and the client to make certain they are getting what they want in their new website.

  • Items Included at No Charge with Every Website Development Project
    • Flash-based or grpahical website navigation system
    • Favorite/bookmark icon made from your company logo, or other image to make the website standout
    • Non-linear website navigation system so visitors can get from any given webpage to every other webpage
    • Color/font scheme designed to match any company logo or theme the client desires
    • Prototype webpage posted to secure section of this website (or private section of the client chosen web server) so the client can view the progress and changes during the design phase prior to the public launch of the website
    • "Placeholder" webpage on public web servers with client contact and future website launch information during the build process
  • Optional Website Items and Services
    • Website hosting services
    • Graphic design services
    • Website analytics to track and help drive traffic to your website
    • URL, email, webmail, and hosting procurement
    • Use of high quality stock photographs, static graphics, and Flash images for better visual presence
    • Submittal to search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and others
    • Logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope design services for your business
Website Updates and Maintenance
Mad Steintist Web Design prides itself on great response time to all client communications, typically the same day for any website edits and/or modifications.  If the client wishes to add new content and/or webpages, that can often be completed same day as well.

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